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June 25, 2017

Horner & Shifrin Named as a St. Louis Post Dispatch 2017 Top Workplace

Horner & Shifrin, Inc. an engineering firm based in St. Louis, MO., is proud to be a St. Louis Post Dispatch 2017 Top Workplace.

“The Horner & Shifrin lineup we have today is arguably one of the best in our rich 84-year history,” said Steve Donahue, Horner & Shifrin president. “We have technology and expertise at our fingertips that Mr. Horner & Mr. Shifrin could not have imagined in their wildest dreams.”

Horner & Shifrin offers engineering services in all phases of a project, including design, feasibility, planning, development, GIS mapping services, and construction administration. In addition to engineering, our in-house capabilities include materials testing, land surveying, GIS mapping, and hosting. Many of our projects have demonstrated innovative techniques and designs, for which we have received numerous professional awards and repeat assignments from appreciative clients.

Horner & Shifrin is a 100-percent employee-owned corporation, managed by our officers and directors. As employee-owners, we share a commitment to apply our expertise to the highest standards, exercising our knowledge and skills for the benefit of our community, clients and fellow employees.

The employee survey considered a range of factors, including work-life balance, pay, and benefits practices and the quality of leadership. The survey was conducted in partnership with the employee survey firm Workplace Dynamics.

Innovation. Agility.
Reliability. Horner & Shifrin.