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  • Campus Sewer Master Plan and GIS
    Washington University in St. Louis, MO

    Horner & Shifrin developed a campus-wide Sewer Master Plan comprised of five sewer sheds (sewer service areas) and then even-smaller subservice areas to allow for efficient sequencing of the data acquisition, physical condition assessment, capacity analysis and... - [read more]

  • Infiltration and Inflow Study & GIS/Mapping
    City of Mexico, MO

    Horner & Shifrin performed an infiltration and inflow (I&I) study to identify the major sources of I&I.  Included in the study was a cost-effectiveness analysis for rehabilitation and/or replacement alternatives.  We also prioritized repair and... - [read more]

  • Infiltration and Inflow Study & GIS/Mapping
    Rock Creek Public Sewer District; Jefferson County, MO

    Horner & Shifrin conducted a comprehensive mapping and infiltration and inflow study for the West Elm Place Watershed, and a district-wide flow monitoring and evaluation program to prioritize areas for further field investigations. This study analyzed... - [read more]

  • Master Planning and GIS Development
    St. Louis Downtown Airport (Metro); Cahokia, IL

    Horner & Shifrin developed the master, layout and facility plans for this reliever airport principally serving general aviation traffic. We also updated the existing airport layout plan and Exhibit A to reflect existing airport infrastructure, including recent... - [read more]