Eric Lagemann, PE, SE

Business Unit Leader, Structural Bridge


About Eric Lagemann, PE, SE

Eric is a structural engineer with more than 19 years of experience, specializing in both LFD and LRFD bridge design. In addition to typical bridge design, he is also proficient in curved girder, culvert, retaining wall, and seismic design. He has been responsible for managing projects; writing bridge condition reports; performing bridge type studies; creating type, size and location plans; final design; technical supervision; developing and reviewing construction documents; writing structural assessment reports; developing demolition plans; cofferdam design and temporary soil retention system design. He is well-versed in LEAP Bridge, Merlin-Dash, DESCUS, Consys, SAP2000, Staad, AutoCAD and MicroStation. He has also performed structural design work on other civil engineering projects.

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