Linda Hopkins

Vice President, Director of Business Operations


About Linda Hopkins

Linda Hopkins has been with Horner & Shifrin since 1990 when she joined the firm as its Business and Financial Manager. She brings more than thirty years of business and financial management experience working with engineering and construction firms.  In addition to her background in business and finance, she brings experience in accounting, development of project management systems, and systems analyses.
She works closely with managers to develop project systems and budgets and oversees the accounting and project functions. She has converted and implemented four accounting systems, the latest being Deltek’s Vision®, an industry-leading, web-based enterprise software solution designed for project-based firms.
Linda has developed custom invoicing procedures and project reports for private, local, state, and federal government clients, including projects with individual fees of over $3M in a 12 month period.
She works closely with numerous state DOT and federal auditors on government projects and prepares all internal business and financial statements.
Linda is responsible for human resources, accounting, facilities management and administrative personnel. She also coordinates all of the retirement plans, is an ESOP Trustee, and is a member of the firm’s Board of Directors.

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