Chad Schrand, PE, SE

Associate Vice President, Business Unit Leader, Structural Building


About Chad Schrand, PE, SE

Chad has more than 14 years of experience in structural engineering with, a focus on investigations into building distress and structural failure, building envelope evaluations, evaluating compliance with building codes, and seismic analysis and design.  Additionally, he has significant experience completing building condition assessments, evaluating construction defects, design for new buildings and renovation of existing structures, and completing risk assessments to determine probable loss from earthquakes or extreme weather events.  He has experience with steel, concrete, wood, and masonry in commercial and residential construction.

Chad has extensive training in post disaster evaluations and is a trained Missouri Structural Assessment and Visual Evaluation (SAVE) Coalition and California Emergency Management Agency Safety Assessment Program (SAP) volunteer.  He also has extensive experience designing seismic anchorage and bracing for nonstructural components, particularly those required for the continuous operations of an essential facility.

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