Sam Mittal, PE, SE

Project Manager, Structural


About Sam Mittal, PE, SE

Sam Mittal has 16 years of experience nationwide and internationally and serves as project manager for structures working out of Horner & Shifrin’s Chicago office. His experience encompasses complex bridge designs involving curve, variable width roadways, and highly skewed structures using pre-stressed concrete and steel girders (I-beam, adjacent box, tub) as well as layout and design of various types of foundations and retaining structures: Secant-pile abutments, Soldier Pile, etc. Sam is experienced in Asset Management and load rating of different Bridge types: Segmental, Trusses, PT spliced girder, Steel, Cable-Stay, etc. and has working knowledge of AASHTO (LFD, LRFD), AISC, ACI, ASCE, IBC, and other international standards.

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