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August 12, 2020

MHTC Selects Robertson Contractors, H&S Team to Deliver $21.3 Million Bootheel Bridge Bundle Project

At a meeting Wednesday, August 12th, the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission awarded the contract for the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) Bootheel Bridge Bundle (BBB) Design-Build project to the Robertson Contractors, Inc. (RCI), Horner & Shifrin (H&S), Penzel Construction Company (PCC) Team.

RCI, H&S, and PCC worked closely throughout the proposal process in order to maximize the number of locations addressed with innovative engineering and construction techniques. In addition to improving safety and providing quality, lasting structures that are appropriate for their locations and daily traffic, the Team will prioritize the needs of the communities in which the bridges are located, with an eye toward minimizing inconvenience to the traveling public through methods like season-sensitive scheduling and expedited construction.

The Bootheel Bridge Bundle Team consists of the following companies:

  • Robertson Contractors, Inc.
  • Horner & Shifrin, Inc.
  • Penzel Construction Company, Inc.
  • Geotechnology, Inc.
  • EFK Moen, LLC
  • Parsons Corporation

The Bootheel Bridge Bundle Design-Build Project is a bridge repair/replacement program aimed at structures on the Southeast District’s asset management plan. Thirteen bridges in the Bootheel Bridge Bundle are included in the State’s $351,000,000 Focus on Bridges program, which will repair or replace 250 bridges across Missouri. The project’s goals including delivery within the program budget of $25,200,000, with completion by the end of 2023. For more information about the project, visit MoDOT’s website.

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