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October 23, 2017

Celebrating Employee Ownership Month

Horner & Shifrin has been employee owned since 1987

For working professionals across the country, job performance can directly translate to the success of the company for which they work, and their personal dedication can be rewarded in a variety of ways; a promotion, a move to a corner office or a year-end bonus.  At Horner & Shifrin, staff members reap the benefits that come with employee-ownership!

Since 1987, Horner & Shifrin has been an employee-owned company through the establishment of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Each year, a portion of the company’s profits are contributed to the ESOP on behalf of eligible employees, at no cost to the individual. Strong company performance and growth translate to an increased stock prices for the ESOP, offering staff a tangible reward for performing to their highest potential. As a result, each employee has a vested interest in company growth, client satisfaction and repeat business.

October is especially important at Horner & Shifrin. Not only does it signify Employee Ownership Month, but it also marks the anniversary of the founding of the firm by Wesley Horner and Hymen Shifrin 84 years ago (October 1, 1933).

About Employee Ownership Month

Employee Ownership Month, which celebrates the more than 10,000 US companies under an ESOP structure. Started more than 20 years ago by the ESOP Association, EO Month serves to educate the public on the ways in which Employee Ownership is beneficial to companies and their employees, the communities they serve and the nation as a whole. Approximately 10.3 million employees in the United States (~10% of the private sector workforce) participate in an ESOP.

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