Internship Program

Internships are a valuable step toward joining the AEC workforce as a full-time engineer, surveyor, technician or analyst. Horner & Shifrin’s internship program is designed to provide valuable experiences interns will never forget. Through challenging projects, mentorship, and hands-on experience, interns at H&S have an opportunity to gain practical firsthand experience in the engineering industry.

Advantages of Horner & Shifrin’s Internships include:

  • Academic Learning: students apply and test knowledge learned in the classroom in a professional work environment
  • Career Development: students explore a specific field of interest, expand their professional network, and understand the qualifications and duties involved in a specific profession or career field
  • Skill Development: students gain an understanding of the transferable skills and knowledge required for success in a professional work environment and integrates those skills into their academic learning
  • Professional Development: students attain decision-making skills, self-confidence, business savvy, ethics, and teamwork required for success in a professional setting


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