Lead Service Line Inventory

If you haven't started your water system's lead service line inventory, as part of the EPA's Lead and Copper Rule Revisions, Horner & Shifrin is here to assist!

On December 16, 2021, the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Lead and Copper Rule Revisions went into effect. Over the next five years, $15 billion will
be provided to communities solely for the replacement of lead service lines. $11.7 billion of additional funding will be available for use in identifying, documenting and removing lead service lines.

All water systems are required to submit an inventory of service lines to their state by the compliance date of January 16, 2024 (based on federal guidelines; state-specific requirements may vary based on state law). All water systems which identify lead service lines and/or galvanized lines downstream of lead service lines, must provide a lead service line replacement plan.

Horner & Shifrin’s expertise extends beyond the assessment and design of water systems. Our engineering staff have assisted communities across the Midwest in securing funding for their projects through federal and state grant programs. Our expert GIS staff are adept at creating customized geodatabase solutions that can be expanded to suit your needs. H&S can provide:

  • Assistance identifying funding sources and applying for grant/loan funding
  • Development of GIS system to track inventory
  • Performance of preliminary records review
  • Assistance with development of residential survey flyer, website for customers to upload in-house service line photos and request water sample kits\
  • Assistance with development of bid packages for meter investigations and excavation contracts

The same quality of service we provide during the inventory stage can be extended into design and replacement of identified lead and galvanized steel requiring replacement service lines. H&S can assist with:

  • Development of a lead service line replacement plan (LSLRP)
  • Replacement funding, design, bidding and construction administration

With the EPA and state deadlines fast approaching, it’s never too soon to reach out and see why Horner & Shifrin is the Right Choice to assist in developing a lead service line inventory.

Start your system's lead line inventory immediately