Ambulance District New Headquarters

St. Charles County Ambulance District


Horner & Shifrin was contracted to provide MEPFP engineering design for the new 140,000 square foot headquarters building for St. Charles Ambulance District.

This facility combines multiple existing buildings and district functions into one location. The new building houses ambulances for scheduling, repair facilities, storage, administrative offices, training facilities, and a medical clinic.  The ambulance storage area, bulk storage and  repair area are conditioned to 80 degrees for occupant comfort and product storage. An emergency generator is installed to power portions of the building for emergency situations and central control.

The headquarters is the location of the main data center for the ambulance district. The data center has a UPS and distribution system for the main data room which also feeds to the emergency operations center located in the building.
Fuel/Oil tanks are installed for fuel delivery in the repair facilities. A wet-pipe sprinkler system is provided for the entire facility with a Pre-Action system for the Server Room.

The district offices is the primary location of  the closed circuit television (CCTV) and access control for the district.  Design of the CCTV system and access control system allows the district offices to monitor and control the cameras and door access to all ambulance houses and ancillary buildings  throughout the district.


Project Scope



Site Size

140,000 square feet


St. Peters, Missouri

Year Completed


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