Bayer R Building HVAC Replacement



Horner & Shifrin provided an assessment on the existing air handler and reviewed current balance reports to determine the condition of the existing 30,000 cfm air handler and the distribution system.  The system was determined to be failing with major duct leakage.

Horner & Shifrin provided MEPFP engineering design to remove the existing multi-zone air handler and all associated ductwork and providing a variable volume custom air handler with VAV boxes with hot water reheat coils.  A new steam-to-hot water heat exchanger and pumps were added to provide a new heating hot water loop to serve the air handler and terminal reheat. A VRF system was added large open office to provide supplemental cooling, reduce air handling unit capacity and improve system efficiency.  Scope of work also included upgrading all pneumatic controls to DDC and providing new LED light fixtures and lighting controls. Sprinkler heads were modified in areas where ceiling removal was required for ductwork replacement.


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St. Louis, Missouri

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