Clay Avenue Bridge Repairs

City of Kirkwood, Missouri


Horner & Shifrin completed plans to repair the Clay Avenue Bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad for the City of Kirkwood, MO.  The existing bridge is a pony truss with small block MSE Wall abutments that wrap around the abutments and extend several hundred feet along the bridge approaches.  The pony truss and wall were constructed to create a railroad overpass in a densely populated area which includes schools and downtown businesses.  The relatively steep grade required to create the crossing requires a lot of salt to keep the road safe during winter storms.  Over time, this salt has led to the deterioration of the small blocks.  This project replaces damaged blocks and constructs a new shotcrete aesthetic face over larger areas of deterioration.  Expansion joints were replaced and other miscellaneous repairs were also completed. Close coordination with UPRR was required during design.


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Kirkwood, Missouri

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