Collection System Improvements

City of Mascoutah, Illinois

Horner & Shifrin upgraded three suction-lift pump stations with submersible pumps for the City of Mascoutah, IL.


Horner & Shifrin was contracted by the City of Mascoutah to upgrade three suction-lift pump stations with submersible pumps. The 6th Street, Eisenhower, and Mid America suction lift stations range in age from 22-years to 12 years requiring frequents repairs with difficulty obtaining parts, resulting in increased maintenance costs.  The design includes demolition of all above grade suction lift equipment and structures.  The wet wells will be rehabilitated and utilized for the installation of submersible pumps.  New valve vaults and will be constructed at each location along with new diesel generators for backup power, except at the 6th Street Station where a new generator exists.

Horner & Shifrin will also make improvements to the 4th Street Lift Station, which is the largest station in the collection system and conveys 70% of the City’s wastewater flow to the treatment plant and also to the wet weather storage lagoon.  The station includes three (3) submersible pumps that convey flows to the treatment plant under normal operating conditions and two (2) larger submersible pumps that convey wet weather flow to a storage lagoon during large rain events. Improvements include replacement of four (4) 14-inch gate valves, three (3) 8-inch check valves, three (3) 8-inch plug valves, two (2) 12-inch check valves, and two (2) 12-inch plug valves.  Significant bypass pumping will required to replace the required valves.


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Mascoutah, Illinois

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