Deer Creek Flood Mitigation

City of Brentwood, Missouri

Horner & Shifrin provided design improvements and flood mitigation along Deer Creek and Black Creek in the City of Brentwood, Missouri. 


Horner & Shifrin teamed with Jacobs to provide design improvements and flood mitigation along Deer Creek and Black Creek in the City of Brentwood.  This project includes $54 Million in improvements, including buy-outs and demolition to eliminate obstructions in the floodplain, creek restoration and widening, bridge reconstruction to eliminate a choke point, detention facilities and floodplain modifications to lower flood elevations and eliminate flooding along Brentwood Boulevard and adjacent areas. The project also allows for redevelopment and reuse of the site as a City park.

Horner & Shifrin’s scope of work includes:
– Project Team Coordination – Meeting with City staff and other members of the project team to discuss status and project issues on a biweekly basis.
– Project Schedule and Fee Tracking  – Monitoring approved schedule and budget through H&S Vision software to ensure that the project is completed within the proposed time frame and within the approved fee.
– Basis of Design Report – Developing a Basis of Design Report that defines the scope and extent of necessary interior drainage project elements. The Report includes a determination of drainage areas, summary of hydrologic and hydraulic evaluations preformed and an evaluation of alternatives to convey runoff to Deer Creek from inside the leveed areas. Also assisting the prime consultant with a Basis of Design Report to define the location and extent of other proposed flood control project elements including design volume and geometric configuration of the detention basin, stream channel modifications, and levee configuration.
– Early Demolition – Preparation of early deliverable drawings and specifications for building and site demolition to include:
Site Demolition Plan Drawings
Sequencing Plan
General Notes & Details
Cost Estimate
Permit requirements and demo specifications

Utilities Coordination – Preparation of a utility investigation report and plan drawings to document utility conflicts. Includes coordination with survey subconsultant to document and record public utilities through survey of all visible utility facilities/structures. Distribution of preliminary plans to utility contacts for review and coordination.

Assistance with 60%-95% Design – Assisting the prime consultant with the development of 60%-95% design plans including:
– General Notes & Benchmarks
– Site Plan Sheets
– Grading Sheets
– Interior Drainage Plan and Profiles
– Creek and Sewer Profiles
– Ditch Cross Section Sheets
– Channel Cross Section Sheets
– Detention Basin Cross Section Sheets
– Erosion and Sediment Control Plans
– Details
– Specifications
– Cost Estimates


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Brentwood, Missouri

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