Deerpath Bridge, Phase III

Illinois State Toll Highway Authority


Horner & Shifrin provided Phase III construction support for the bridge construction through Tollway Construction Upon Request (CUR) contract RR-20-4525. The Phase III team was assigned to manage construction of the Deerpath Rd. bridge project consisting of the removal and replacement of the existing bridge carrying local traffic on Deerpath Road over the I-88 Reagan Memorial Tollway.  Horner & Shifrin was the lead designer of the new structure that provides two 13-foot lanes of traffic along with 5 foot shoulders. In a sub-consultant role, Horner & Shifrin was involved in bridge deck construction inspection, provided answers to Request For Information from Contractor, resolved important field questions, approved shop drawings, oversaw bridge deck and substructure construction and permits for MOT.






Aurora, Illinois

Year Completed


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