Downtown Revitalization Plan & Allen Street Improvements

City of Wentzville, Missouri

Horner & Shifrin is working to enhance access to and through downtown Wentzville.


Horner & Shifrin provided design improvements to enhance access to and through downtown Wentzville.  The project included alternative development for improved interstate access, signal design of a high volume intersection, future and potential railroad crossings, one-way vs. two-way street feasibility, retrofitting complete streets, improving pedestrian maneuverability, and addressing a parking concern.

The improvements to Allen Street was the first project selected by the City to implement from the Wentzville Historic Downtown Transportation Revitalization Project.  The project limits are approximately 1,800 feet from Blumhoff Avenue to Locust Street and consist of pavement replacement, new sidewalks and curb ramps, drainage improvements including rain gardens, and streetscape elements including landscaping and decorative pavements. As a subconsultant, Horner & Shifrin was responsible for all roadway design including horizontal and vertical alignments, roadway and sidewalk layout, detailed grading plan, review of drainage analysis and storm sewer design, and assisting with coordination of other team members.


Project Scope



Site Size

1,800 ft.


Wentzville, Missouri

Year Completed


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