Eberwein Park Trail Restoration

City of Chesterfield, Missouri


Horner & Shifrin was contracted by the City of Chesterfield to provide a conceptual planning report and exhibits for possible solutions to erosion experienced along the gravel trail within Eberwein Park.  The City repaired the trail multiple times, but the condition persisted.  Therefore, H&S provided topographic survey and an analysis of the existing slopes, trail material options, and stormwater routing solutions.  Cost estimates provided in the conceptual plan enabled the City to allot funding for the engineering and construction of trail improvement in the fiscal budget.

After the concept was approved, H&S created construction drawings for sewer Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District permitting, which included the use of existing water quality basins and additional native plantings to satisfy the District’s requirements.  Engineering support included Job Special Provisions for bidding and construction and final cost estimates for bid comparison.

H&S also provided utility coordination for work along right-of-way and redesigned the trail alignment to avoid conflicts, saving the City construction funds.

During construction, tree removal on the existing pond berm provided challenges such that the entire berm was removed and replaced with a new overflow structure.

H&S provided on-site construction inspection and contractor coordination for the City. Construction services included work with contractor on behalf of the City, assist with pre-construction conference, prepare change orders, inspect construction materials, daily QA inspection and diaries, ADA compliance, quantity tracking and complete required documentation.




Chesterfield , Missouri

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