Femme Osage & Cappeln Osage Bridge Replacements

St. Charles County Highway Department


Horner & Shifrin designed double cell box culvert bridges for Femme Osage Creek and Cappeln Osage Roads in St. Charles County. These rural county road structures replaced existing 20-ft deficient steel girder bridge creek crossings.

The culverts were on skewed alignments and featured non-standard cantilever wing walls of varying lengths and angles. The wingwalls tapered from a thicker width where connected to the culvert to a thinner width at their ends. Guardrails were attached directly to the head walls due to minimal soil cover.

Services included development of hydraulic reports and final design plans which included some minor roadway widening, drainage work, erosion control and guardrails.




Site Size

20 ft.


St. Charles , Missouri

Year Completed


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