Festival & Parking Plaza at Upper Muny

City of St. Louis, Board of Public Service

The new parking area replaced an egg-shaped paved lot with cracking asphalt and potholes.


Located in Forest Park adjacent to the St. Louis Municipal Opera Theatre, the Festival & Parking Plaza at Upper Muny is a space specially designed to accommodate vehicular parking and pedestrian-oriented events. To replace the existing 75-year-old open lot, Horner & Shifrin’s design kept both form and function in mind for the Plaza. The new asphalt lot has raised islands and curbed sidewalks, which improve traffic flow and increase pedestrian safety. High efficiency LED light poles contain water hookups and additional outlets for special events. Bioretention basins were included to address stormwater quality, and landscaping increases the visual aesthetic of the area and helps it to blend into the surrounding park. The Plaza is used more than 30 weekends per year for special events and is the primary parking lot for more than 350,000 Muny patrons annually.



Site Size

11 acres


St. Louis, Missouri

Year Completed


  • Sidewalk
  • ADA Compliant Curb Ramps
  • Open Parking Area
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