Flood Mitigation Plan

City of Eureka, Missouri

Horner & Shifrin assisted in developing flood mitigation plans.


Horner & Shifrin was contracted to develop short- and long-term flood mitigation plans for flood-prone areas within the City of Eureka. The initial study included a detailed topographical survey and subterranean study that identified and mapped underground structures which may contribute to flood inundation. The topographic study included Digital Evaluation Modeling containing digital surface modeling and digital terrain modeling.
Horner & Shifrin’s short-term plan addresses flood fighting needs, as well as needs associated with flood events such as sewer backups and hydrostatic pressure issues. This plan includes the design and placement of temporary structures and pumps.
Our long-term plan includes flood reduction structures, long-term management and maintenance programs, repair and replacement recommendations for aging infrastructure, and placement recommendations for new structures.


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Eureka, Missouri

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