Flow Meters & Model

Rock Creek Public Sewer District


Horner & Shifrin developed a computerized hydraulic model for the Rock Creek wastewater sewer system using XPSWMM software.  The model included approximately 13 percent of the collection system.  Pipes larger than 12-inches in diameter were included and extended to smaller 8-inch diameter pipes to evaluate known problem areas.  The model was developed from available GIS data.  The model included 475 nodes and 473 links totaling approximately 108,000 linear feet of pipe.

Horner & Shifrin contracted to have 17 flow meters and 3 rain gauges installed throughout the collection system for a period of 90 days.  The data was used for dry and wet weather model calibration and to estimate inflow and infiltration.

5 year and 10 year storms were modeled to review the sewer capacity and capability to transport wet weather flow. Capacity improvements to sewer lines were developed as well as additional I &I evaluation and removal plans for target areas to systematically reduce I & I.


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Arnold, Missouri

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