GIS Asset Inventory & Hosting

Great Rivers Greenway

Developed a comprehensive Asset Management solution allowing the Great Rivers Greenway staff and public Greenway users to have real-time access to asset map data, which would be easy to deploy and cost effective.


Great Rivers Greenway retained Horner & Shifrin to provide a web-based GIS solution for the location, collection, and maintenance of assets throughout the St. Louis area and have real-time access to a web application that would be easy to deploy, cost-effective, and accessible to the public through the Great Rivers Greenway website. The web-based application extends GIS beyond the desktop for Great Rivers Greenway staff with the flexibility to use a tablet or phone in the field to view and edit asset data, documents, and photos. The public can use their phones to report Greenway issues through the web-based application and inform Greenway staff of issues in real-time. This provides quicker response times for the Great Rivers Greenway maintenance staff to repair the issues while providing greater transparency with the public.



Site Size

113 miles of Greenway


St. Louis, Missouri

Year Completed


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