GIS Sewer Field Inspections

City of Mexico, Missouri

Developed a comprehensive infiltration and inflow (I&I) investigation that required data collection/digitization, real-time field data collection, and web-based GIS mapping services for approximately 25 square miles surrounding the City of Mexico, Missouri.


The City of Mexico, MO provided Horner & Shifrin with CAD data of their entire City to integrate into a web-based GIS application. The CAD data was a good start, but the accuracy and data needed were not available. Horner & Shifrin phased the project in a multi-year approach with a focus in the first year on the oldest section of the sewer system. Horner & Shifrin mapped each sewer structure with survey grade equipment with centimeter accuracy for location purposes and future modeling systems. Inspection crews consisted of H&S employees and City staff conducting field investigations and smoke testing on each sewer structure and main. Investigation and testing were done using the web-based application on tablets to collect vital information of the system and defects indicating possible I&I.


Project Scope



Site Size

25 square miles


Mexico, Missouri

Year Completed


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