Good Hope Street Stormwater

City of Cape Girardeau, Missouri


Horner & Shifrin provided engineering services for the replacement of an inadequate storm sewer system through an industrial area, including improvement of an overflow system in the event the system is over capacity.  The proposed larger system had to be designed without relocating existing gravity sewers in conflict and at extremely shallow depths; therefore, creative solutions were provided, including 550 linear feet of box culverts, specially designed connection structures, and complete roadway reconstruction. Over 1,400 linear feet of pipe included alternatives for pipe materials to keep project costs low.

Project deliverables included project plans for stormwater and roadway improvements, Job Special Provisions / Measurement and Payment Specifications, estimated construction cost estimates, and temporary and permanent easement documents.  H&S provided utility coordination with local utility agencies and shop drawing review during construction.


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Cape Girardeau, Missouri

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