Gordonville Booster Pump Station

City of Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Horner & Shifrin completed a booster pump station design for the City of Cape Girardeau.


Booster Pump Station Design 
Horner & Shifrin completed the planning and design of an above grade duplex package booster station to replace an aging booster station at the Gordonville Tank Site.  The pump station was designed adjacent to the existing below grade Gordonville Booster Pump Station with very tight site constraints to fit on the City’s property.  Along with the booster pump station, the project included the design of approximately new water main, electrical services, telemetry, and an emergency generator.  The project consisted of preparation of a Design Basis Memorandum, detailed plans and job specific provisions, bidding phase services, and construction phase services.

Horner & Shifrin updated the City’s water distribution hydraulic model (originally developed in 2012 by H&S) to evaluate and determine the design criteria for a new Booster Pump Station that feed the Gordonville Pressure Zone, located in the southwest corner of the City’s distribution system. The model update included the following:

– Update zone population data for current year 2018 and future year 2038.
– Re-distribution of zone demands based on residential meter readings and commercial high water users.
– Determination of zone peak hour flows by evaluating hourly meter reading of four typical commercial business types contained in the pressure zone (medical, hotel, restaurant, and retail) along with the irrigation meters in the zone.

The model was then evaluated to determine the correct pumps for the new Gordonville Booster Station to produce the desired zone pressures and fire flows necessary for this commercial area.  In addition, a third water main crossing below Interstate 55 was evaluated to determine the ideal pipe location and size to increase the fire flows to the west side of Interstate 55.


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Cape Girardeau, Missouri

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