Gravois Greenway / Grant’s Trail Extension

City of Kirkwood, Missouri

Horner & Shifrin developed the concept plan for the extension of Grant's Trail.


Horner & Shifrin, in association with Shockey Consulting and Vireo, assisted the City of Kirkwood to develop the concept plan for the extension of Grant’s Trail from the existing terminus of the trail at Holmes Avenue into Downtown Kirkwood. Through the exploration of multiple route options, detailed evaluation and the selection of alignment with the Steering Committee and stakeholders, the preferred route was established.

H&S led the planning process through the following plan elements and considerations:
1. Alternative Segments – identification and mapping of all trail segment options for each potential trail alignment option.
2. Railroad Coordination – discussions with Union Pacific and BNSF railroads to explore the potential for the trail to be located in the railroad rights of way, crossings of railroads, and unused rail corridors.
3. Safety and Experience – analysis and discussions with the community, property and business owners to understand property impacts, community destination opportunities along alignments, construction feasibility, and conservation opportunities.  This analysis also included review of  security considerations for trail users and businesses along the trail.
4. Route Alternative Evaluation – detailed evaluation criteria was developed with the steering committee and stakeholders. Both qualitative and quantitative evaluation measures where defined and include:  number of street crossings, number of rail crossings, cost, level of travel stress, impact on adjacent properties, construction feasibility, conservation opportunities, ability to provide a quality experience for trail users, destinations, among others.

The data collected was used to prepare trail segment options that could be be mixed and matched to achieve the best four alignment alternatives to be evaluated by the project team, steering committee, and the City.
The findings were documented in the report and two STP-S funding applications were completed for implementation of the preferred option


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Kirkwood, Missouri

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