IL 15/Tudor Piggot Feasibility Study

St. Clair County, Illinois


Horner & Shifrin served as the Environmental Lead and provided public involvement support for the study, which explored the need for an improved roadway connection between the I-64 ramps at Tudor-Piggott Drive and Illinois 15 in East St. Louis, Illinois. The project limits include a mixture of residential, commercial, and industrial land uses, as well as vacant property. The study was conducted to develop alternatives that were supported by the community, provided benefits within the study area, and provided a safer and more efficient roadway connection. The project sought meaningful participation and input from the study area community and affected stakeholders by conducting multiple Community Advisory Group (CAG) meetings.  H&S developed materials including detailed aerial maps and portions of the presentations for the CAG meetings.  H&S participated in the CAG meetings by giving portions of the presentations and working with the CAG members in break out sessions where potential alternatives and their concerns were discussed and documented.  H&S participated in multiple stakeholder meetings and with key stakeholder and the City


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East St. Louis, Illinois

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