Innsbrook Pipeline & Booster Pump Station

PWSD No. 2 of St. Charles County

Horner & Shifrin completed upgrades to provide a backup water supply system.


Horner & Shifrin performed design, bidding, and construction phase services to provide a backup water supply to the north side of the District’s Innsbrook service area from the south side of Wright City’s Water System by means of a new 8,000 feet long 8-inch diameter water main, pressure sustaining vault, and upgrades to the Falcon Crest Booster Station.  This project created a backup water supply to the North Innsbrook service area preventing pressure loss and water supply interruption during main breaks or other service/maintenance interruptions within the Innsbrook water system.
The project also entailed survey and subsurface investigation which included topographic and boundary surveys of the proposed improvements to identify the best route for the new water main/other improvements, location of required easements, and preparation of easement plats for acquisition.  Subsurface investigation  determined the depth of rock and quality of rock at bore locations.


Project Scope


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Site Size

8,000 ft.


Innsbrook, Missouri

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