Interstate Drive & South Point Prairie Extension (David Hoekel Parkway)

St. Charles County Highway Department


Horner & Shifrin provided engineering design services for a 1-mile extension of David Hoekel Parkway south of I-70 connecting South Point Prairie Road and Interstate Drive. The project includes the 0.5 mile extension of Interstate Drive.  The project requires a new bridge over Peruque Creek, three new intersections, and sidewalks on David Hoekel Parkway and Interstate Drive. The project was designed for a future 4-lane section with construction documents being developed for the interim 2-lane condition.  The extension of David Hoekel Parkway will connect to the new David Hoekel Parkway Interchange at I-70.

The two-span bridge featured dual 100-ft spans of precast prestressed NU43 concrete girders and was skewed 50 degrees.  It was designed to accommodate an initial 39-ft roadway but allow for widening in the future.  The client requested the substructure be built in its final widened condition, so intermediate wingwalls were necessary at the end bents.

Horner & Shifrin also performed Route Survey, Easements and Right-Of-Way for this project.

Key aspects of the survey included: collection of existing improvements at South Prairie Road and Interstate Drive to the north and the proposed intersection of South Point Prairie Road with David Hoekel Parkway to the south, collection of topography along the proposed route in between and across Peruque Creek, though the farm fields and drainage ways, property line retracements and existing right-of-way surveys.


Project Scope



Site Size

1 mile extension


Wentzville, Missouri

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