Kirkwood High School Athletic Field Upgrades

Kirkwood School District

Kirkwood School District

The field boasts a dynamic canopy entry and a new turf with a first of its kind detention system and water quality protection system.


Kirkwood High School athletic field, officially Ernest L. Lyons Memorial Field, was in need of an upgrade. Horner & Shifrin provided engineering services for athletic field improvements which included: synthetic turf field, eight-lane synthetic running track, drainage and detention system, water quality protection system, canopy entrance providing ADA accessibility to the field, visitor bleachers, athletic and maintenance equipment storage buildings, and stadium lighting.

The new entrance boasts a dynamic canopy entry, which includes brickwork incorporating donor bricks to honor the people that contributed to the Kirkwood School District Foundation. A special feature of the new turf is actually underneath it. A drainage system, detention system and water quality protection system are located below the field. This was the first high school athletic field in the St. Louis area to have a detention system installed underneath that follows MSD’s regulations for filtration and channel protection.


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Kirkwood, Missouri

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