Mexico Road Multi Use Path Bridge

City of St. Peters, Missouri


The project involved design of a multi-use path bridge over Dardenne Creek with trail connectivity in St. Charles County.  Its close proximity to the Mexico Road vehicular bridge and numerous utilities in the area made construction a challenge.  The vehicular bridge limited hydraulic analysis and led to the use of a similar span arrangement and skew.  The bridge consisted of four 75-ft long pre-engineered bowstring trusses made of weathering steel with a concrete deck.  Soft soils required substructure to be founded on footings with steel h-piles.  The hammerhead interior bents ranged from 11-ft to 25-ft tall.  The east wall abutment is 16-ft high to minimize bridge length and accommodate a trail running under the bridge adjacent to the creek.  A modular block retaining wall at the east approach allowed connectivity to the trail below.  About 400-ft of approach trail was also designed and constructed as part of the project.  Trail profile and bridge details were selected to be in compliance with ADA requirements.


Project Scope



Site Size

.5 miles


St. Peters, Missouri

Year Completed


Innovation. Agility.
Reliability. Horner & Shifrin.