Pevely Farms Water Treatment Plant Improvements

Missouri American Water

Horner & Shifrin completed upgrades to the water treatment system.


Horner & Shifrin completed the final design for upgrades to the Pevely Farms Water Treatment Plant.  Treatment consists of aeration, chlorination, detention, iron and manganese removal through greensand filters and post chlorination for system residual.  Plant capacity is currently 150 gpm per MDNR design guidelines.

This project consisted of new aerator and detention tank with mixer for chemical feed, new greensand filter, new low service and high service pumps and piping, raise all electrical gear above flood level and new backup generator supply.  A new potassium permanganate feed system was also be installed.  Additional work includes replacement of two 33,000 gallon bolted steel clearwell tanks and construction of a new 200,000 gallon welded steel distribution storage tank. The new distribution tank contained an electric mixer to prevent deterioration of water quality and the formation of disinfection byproducts.


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Eureka, Missouri

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