Railroad Culvert Analysis

Buzzi Unicem USA

Horner & Shifrin completed a hydrologic & hydraulic study for the Festus plant.


Horner & Shifrin completed a hydraulic and hydrologic (H&H) study for the Buzzi Unicem Quarry located in Festus, Missouri.  Buzzi was reconfiguring its existing railroad tracks and expanding the track layout to accommodate increase storage capacity of rail cars that are served by the BNSF Railway.  The H&H evaluated drainage impacts of the proposed improvements.  Existing and proposed culverts and ditches, both on BNSF and Buzzi property, were evaluated for hydraulic capacity and compliance with BNSF requirements.

The project was sequenced in parallel with Buzzi’s rail design consultant to confirm any necessary modifications to improvements.  Recommendations included a widened track side ditch and continued channeling of quarry surface runoff to the double culvert outfall.





Festus, Missouri

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