Route I-270 & I-64 Bridge Repairs

MoDOT, St. Louis District


Horner & Shifrin provided full time construction inspection for all three phases of construction. This project consisted of rehabilitation of 8 bridges at the I-64 and I-270 interchange. There was 89,900 SQFT of steel surface preparation with three coats of system G paint, 250,000 SQFT of surface preparation for over coat with two coats of system G paint. After half-sole repairs were completed 31,280 SQYD’s of epoxy urethane polymer wearing surface was applied. A total of 2,3058 LF of slotted drain were removed and replaced at two locations. The roadway had 33,307 LB of hot polymer concrete patching for partial depth repair with 683 SQYD of full depth pavement repair. Total MGS guardrail installed was 8,075 LF, 19 EA MGS bridge transitions sections and 9 Type A crashworthy end terminals. The project also included numerous ITS items along with a CCTV installation.

H&S provided full time qualified professional, technical and other personnel, equipment, material, and all other things necessary for all field inspection for both day and night work throughout the project.  H&S staff was knowledgeable and experienced in the types of construction work to be performed on the project. H&S staff is Advanced Work Zone, concrete field technician, concrete strength and soils testing, and MoDOT stormwater/erosion inspection and reporting certified. H&S construction administration staff  was involved in field inspections of all work and contract activities, on-site quality assurance materials testing, inspection and reporting, project documentation, material reporting, measurement and payment, attendance of project related meetings, wage rate interviews, commercial useful function reviews and provided two certified SSPC Level II Bridge Coating inspectors. H&S staff also assisted  with change orders, estimate generation for the project. H&S staff used MoDOT’s AASHTOWare Project program for all project documentation and record keeping. The H&S staff  worked directly with MoDOT construction staff and reported directly to the Resident Engineer located at the Chesterfield Project Office in St. Louis County.

Construction began in early 2024 and is ongoing.


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St. Louis, Missouri

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