Sanitary Sewer I&I Compliance

Village of Northbrook, Illinois

Horner & Shifrin performed a sanitary sewer system condition assessment for the Village of Northbrook, IL.


Horner & Shifrin was retained by the Village of Northbrook for a sanitary sewer system condition assessment and development of a Sanitary Sewer Infiltration and Inflow Compliance Program to comply with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago’s Watershed Management Ordinance. The Village encompasses about 13 square miles in area with a population of 33,170. It has approximately 133 miles of sanitary sewer within its jurisdiction.

Major tasks included:
-Developing and managing a smoke testing and dye water testing program for the Village’s three high-risk areas that had experienced SSO’s and basement backups. The result of the testing program was a prioritized plan to remove identified sources of I&I.
-Creating a Long Term Operations and Maintenance Program (LTOMP) to manage, operate and maintain the Village’s sanitary sewer system and help control I&I into the system. The LTOMP was written so that it could be continually implemented to maintain sanitary system capacity and performance, thereby reducing SSO’s and basement backups.
-Crafting a Private Sector Program (PSP) to achieve meaningful I/I control and reduction from private property. The PSP details the means and methods for on-going internal and external I/I source identification and the removal of these sources.


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133 miles


Northbrook, Illinois

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