Sewer Inspection Program – Phase 1

Rock Creek Public Sewer District


Horner & Shifrin provided engineering and GIS services to the District for Phase 1 of the flushing and inspection sewer program. The program’s goal is to flush, clean, televise, and inspect every sewer line in the District’s system over a 5-year period.  The first year of program was conducted by Ace Pipe Cleaning.  Inspection consists of both visual CCTV and acoustic technology.  After cleaning is complete, the acoustic inspection is performed to establish a baseline “best condition” of the pipe.  In the future when sewer segment is inspected again, the acoustic scan can provide a quick assessment of any potential blockages in line.

Engineering services included review and analysis of sewer mains based on CCTV and acoustic inspections.  Sewers were prioritized for rehabilitation. Rehabilitation techniques were then evaluated to best correct sewer and lateral connection defects.  Budgetary project costs were developed for rehabilitation projects.

GIS services included importing flushing, CCTV, acoustic scanning data into the GIS platform.  The GIS was updated to allow District access to all data collected and provide quick visual tools to track progress of sewer inspection.  Based on CCTV results, buried structures were added, sewer connectivity issues were corrected, and attributes to sewer main and structures were updated.

The project was very successful.  Some of key benefits included flushing of lines that were partially blocked; identifying critical sewer and lateral connection defects; finding unknown sewer lines and buried manholes; and updating District’s GIS platform to include a comprehensive look of their sewer system.






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