South Sprigg Street Bridge

City of Cape Girardeau, Missouri

A replacement bridge structure was designed using old foundation techniques to combat sinkhole activity in the immediate area


Sprigg Street Bridge over Cape La Croix Creek was in danger of collapse due to the presence of nearly 20 active sinkholes within 1,110 feet of the structure. Horner & Shifrin provided design and construction administration for the new three-span, 385′ long prestressed concrete girder structure to replace the existing bridge. After consideration of several types of foundation, spread footings were determined to be the best solution, as they would provide great internal redundancy, required no specialty equipment to construct and allowed the rock to be completely exposed prior to construction, giving the geotechnical engineer an opportunity to sign off on rock quality. Utilities including gas, telephone and water were attached to the bridge, allowing for a more stable route away from sinkholes for their crossing. A system to cap open sinkholes using local resources was also designed.





Site Size

Three-span, 385' bridge


Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Year Completed


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