South Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

South Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements


Horner & Shifrin provided engineering planning and design services for the Jerseyville South Wastewater Treatment Plant. The upgrade and/or expansion improvements will result in an increase in design capacity of 4.0 mgd, and will accommodate the projected population of the City of Jerseyville to the Year 2025.

During the basis of design phase, it was decided to upgrade and expand the existing South WWTP with continuous-flow SBRs.  We designed the new SBR and other processes around several existing structures that could be upgraded or reused to help alleviate construction costs.  The basis of design was written around a design flow rate of 6.0 mgd with a peak hourly flow rate of 14.3 mgd.

Concern over future nutrient limits at this facility led to the implementation of BNR for the SBRs.  Also included in the design was a deep bed sand filter for denitrification polishing to further reduce total N.  In addition, an alum feed system was designed for total P removal, beyond what is achievable through biological uptake.

Also included as part of this plant upgrade project was the rehabilitation of two existing pump stations and new facilities for the following processes: grit removal equipment, two fine screens, 75 HP turbo blowers, new tertiary filters, ultraviolet disinfection, reaeration, service water system improvements, chemical feed equipment, sludge dewatering unit, five new buildings to house the proposed equipment, complete new SCADA system and associated electrical and mechanical for the plant.

After cost evaluation of the project, long-term it was economically viable to thicken and dewater aerobically digested sludge.  We evaluated the use of belt filter presses, screw presses, rotary fan presses and centrifuges.  Rotary fan presses were deemed a very viable option for the City and yielded a system with simpler operation than a belt filter press.  The City elected to pilot a rotary fan press.  The technology proved viable and the plant was designed around the selected equipment.  A covered concrete pad with push walls was designed to store sludge cake for application on agricultural land around the City.

Horner & Shifrin also provided engineering design services for the conversion of a 250,000-gallon anaerobic digester to a pre-thickened aerobic digester.  The project included demolition of all old pumping and heat exchanger equipment, new positive displacement sludge pumps, new sludge flow meter, new turbo blowers and aeration equipment specifically designed for thickened sludge conditions.  The project also was designed for second digester of the same size to be easily integrated in the future.


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