Topping Road Resurfacing and Pedestrian Improvements

City of Town & Country, Missouri


The Topping Road Resurfacing and Pedestrian Improvement Project is a preservation project from a single-use facility to a multi-use component with the addition of a parallel pedestrian facility. The pedestrian/bike trail begins on the north at Clayton Road and runs south to Topping Estates Drive / Kent Manor Drive, approximately 3,200 feet in length with 56 feet of new retaining wall. Topping Road was a 2-lane asphalt urban collector carrying approximately 2,000 vehicles per day with no pedestrian facilities. The road was in much need of maintenance and there were a number of intersections with possible site distance issues that are in need of improvement.

Horner & Shifrin provided construction administration services for improvements to Topping Road including approximately 1.5 miles of pavement resurfacing and widening, signal, storm sewer, and landscaping improvements from Manchester Rd. to Clayton Rd. A new 3,200 foot bike/pedestrian facility & sidewalk was added to west side of Topping Road from Pingry Place to the Clayton Road to improve access to recreational facilities and commerce along Clayton Road. Other improvements to the roadway include pedestrian upgrades to the traffic signal at Clayton Road and intersection improvements throughout the corridor. Intersection improvements made along the pedestrian facility include site distance adjustments, accessible ramps, and crosswalks. The intersection of Topping Road and Clayton Road were made ADA compliant with pedestrian activated crossing controls. H&S also performed QA inspections, daily diaries, quantity tracking, ADA compliance checklists and prepared all LPA documentation on behalf of client. This project was both STP-funded through the LPA Local Roads Program and non participating locally funded.


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1.5 miles


Town & Country, Missouri

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