Union Station Theater Parking Lot

Woodcrest Capital

Horner & Shifrin performed topographic survey for a new parking lot design.


Horner & Shifrin provided topographic and boundary survey, including a lot consolidation plat, for the demolition of the existing movie theater at Union Station in downtown St. Louis.

The existing building had been constructed around the existing bridge piers of Interstate 64 overhead, and the building was demolished to provide additional parking for the newly renovated buildings within the complex of Union Station.  Demolition of the building provided necessary acreage to provide approximately 200 new parking spaces for growing businesses. The parking lot design included incorporation of stormwater volume reduction measures as required by the St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD), accomplished by designing a pervious paver area with underdrain system.  The existing sewers were researched for location and condition for suitability to reuse.

The project was awarded a $118,800 grant for reimbursement of the paver system, as applied for by the H&S Project manager. Additionally, H&S coordinated plan approval through the City of St. Louis and MSD for permitting.  H&S also provided construction phase services including shop drawing review and site visits.


Project Scope




Site Size

200 parking spaces


St Louis, Missouri

Year Completed


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