Variable Frequency Drive High Service Pump

City of Highland Park, Illinois

Horner & Shifrin assisted in the installation of a new VFD pump.


The City of Highland Park’s George B. Prindle water plant provides treated potable water for 60,000 people in Highland Park, Deerfield, Lincolnshire, Bannockburn and Glenbrook Sanitary District. It is a Lake Michigan plant which employs ultrafiltration (Evoqua) technology installed in 2013-14. The plant has six High Service pumps, 5 with 500 HP and one with 350 HP motors. Two of the 500 HP pumps are VFD equipped with the remaining 4 controlled by soft starters. High Service pump VFDs are particularly valuable as the City’s distribution system is a closed system.

The City determined that a third VFD-equipped 500 HP High Service pump was necessary to better match flow and pressure to match customers’ demands and to provide redundancy to the two existing VFD-equipped pumps.

Horner & Shifrin provided the following engineering services to the City:

  • Evaluated options for new VFD based on necessary and desirable features.
  • Determined optimum location within the existing MCC.
  • Developed plans and specifications for furnishing & installation of the recommended VFD.
  • Developed plans and specifications for all wiring (power and control wiring).
  • Prepared project cost estimate and bid forms.
  • Bidding and construction administration services including evaluation of bids, review of submittals, shop drawings and pay requests





Highland Park, Illinois

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