Vernon Hills Athletic Complex

Village of Vernon Hills, Illinois

Horner & Shifrin provided surveying and storm water engineering services to the City of Vernon Hills, Illinois.


As a subconsultant, Horner & Shifrin provided stormwater engineering services for a project at the Vernon Hills Athletic Complex. The project consists of replacing three natural turf fields with synthetic turf.

Among the tasks H&S completed were:
1) Detention Analysis – Development of an EPA-SWMM model to analyze detention requirements. The Village wanted confirmation that the site’s existing detention basin would be able to accommodate any increased runoff associated with the change from natural turf to synthetic turf. Our analysis showed that the existing detention basin had enough capacity to accept the increased runoff.
2) Culvert Analysis – The original design for the site included a 24” diameter pipe to be located underneath a section of the new fields to replace an existing open channel and collect runoff from the playing surface and offsite drainage The Village was concerned that runoff from larger flow events may flow over the top of the new fields and deposit trash and debris on the fields and cause maintenance issues. H&S used HEC-RAS to examine culvert hydraulics for both the 10-year and 100-year storm events. The HEC-RAS simulation of the 24-inch culvert showed that it adequately conveyed the 10-year event but would be surcharged during a 100-year storm. Therefore, the culvert was redesigned with a 36” diameter pipe.
3) Lake County WDO Permit – Horner & Shifrin assisted the contractor and the Village in obtaining the required Lake County Watershed Development Ordinance (WDO) Permit. H&S was responsible for filling out the permit and providing the necessary documentation for the final application.


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Vernon Hills, Illinois

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