Veteran’s Memorial Brick Paver Program

City of Manchester, Missouri

Developed user-friendly, modernized brick paver application available to the public to view and allow the City to track cost associated with donor bricks, photos of each brick, and location of brick. Standard forms and drop down menus ensured data integrity by providing preset values.


The City of Manchester, MO retained our services for developing and implementing a comprehensive Geographic Information System (GIS) with a focus on the management of Veteran’s Memorial Brick Paver Program. Horner & Shifrin had the challenge to create brick paver application from existing paper map drawings and excel file data with no set paver pattern. Our solution provided the City of Manchester, MO staff to modify locations of 8”x8” or 4”x8” brick pavers based on a 4” grid pattern. Donors and public users can search GIS records for location by brick number or by engravings on the individual bricks and view photos of bricks.


Project Scope



Site Size

2,000 bricks


Manchester, Missouri

Year Completed


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