Wastewater Collection System Rehabilitation

Town of Neelyville, Missouri


Neelyville has long suffered from a collection system that has been in very poor shape.  In addition, their existing aerated lagoon is no longer capable of meeting Missouri Department of Natural Resources standards.  The lagoon currently does not have any form of disinfection to control eColi, which does not meet State permitting requirements.

Horner & Shifrin lead the way in studying and seeking funding for a project that is currently under construction.  The project includes rehabilitation of the wastewater collection system through lining of gravity mains with cured-in-place-pipe, grouting of manholes, and digging and replacing collapsed mains, lift station rehabilitation, and upgrades to the town’s wastewater treatment system.

The wastewater treatment system will be upgraded through the addition of a manual influent bar screen and installation of Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection with electromagnetic flow measurement.

The project included video inspection of 100% of the town’s gravity system, as well as the creation of a cloud-based GIS mapping program.  Combining these two tools has provided the needed information to design a project that will remove the majority of I&I into the system.  Total project costs is $1.3 million and is funded by USDA-RD and CDBG.


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Neelyville, Missouri

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