Wastewater Treatment Facility & Collection System Rehabilitation

City of Greenville, Missouri

Horner & Shifrin assisted in securing funding to upgrade a sanitary sewer system.


The City of Greenville has an issue with Inflow & Infiltration (I&I) of stormwater into their sanitary sewer collection system.  In addition, their existing aerated lagoon is no longer capable of meeting Missouri Department of Natural Resources standards.  Horner & Shifrin has lead the way in studying and seeking funding for a project that is currently in the design stage.  Once complete, the project will include cured-in-place gravity main lining, lift station rehabilitation, and a complete overhaul of the town’s wastewater treatment facility.
Although treatment option review is still ongoing, the final design will include a lagoon retrofit utilizing new aeration equipment, curtain wall lagoon baffeling, a nitrogen removal process, and ultraviolet disinfection.
The project included video inspection of 100% of the town’s gravity system, as well as the creation of a cloud-based GIS mapping program.  Combining these two tools has provided the needed information to design a project that will remove the majority of I&I into the system.





Greenville, Missouri

Year Completed


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