Wastewater Treatment Plant & Collection System Improvements

City of Mascoutah, Illinois

Horner & Shifrin designed the new SBR wastewater treatment plant in Mascoutah, Illinois


Horner & Shifrin completed the design for the new SBR wastewater treatment plant and collection system improvements for the City of Mascoutah, Illinois.  Our team previously completed a Facility Plan in 2016 and was submitted to IEPA for approval.  The planning effort recommended the construction of a new SBR wastewater treatment plant with an average daily flow of 1.75 MGD and peak daily flow of 5.25 MGD.  The existing mechanical aeration plant has been upgraded and expanded in the past and is nearing the useful life of its equipment. Growth in the past decade, the projected growth trend for the next 20 years, and an expectation of new effluent limits resulted in the recommendation that Mascoutah build a new plant.  H&S evaluated sequencing batch reactor (SBR) technology and Aero-Mod technology for the new facility.  The new plant will allow the City to meet its future treatment obligations nitrogen and phosphorous.

Three suction lift pump stations have reached the end of their useful life and are being upgraded to improve reliability and decrease maintenance costs.  The three stations will be replaced with submersible pumps, rehabilitation to the existing wet wells, as required and replacement of existing generators.  Horner & Shifrin is currently evaluating several pump stations for improvements to be added to the facility plan.  The North Terminal Lift Station has an odor problem and odor control options are being evaluated.  Replacement of existing suction pump with submersible pumps are being incorporated into the facility plan.
The new SBR treatment plant will include new screens, influent lift station, SBR treatment, tertiary filters, alum chemical feed for phosphorus removal, and a new control building.  the existing clarifier will be rehabilitated and modified for aerobic digestion.  Horner & Shifrin will also plan space for UV disinfection to be added in the future to meet changing regulatory requirements.
City stakeholders, including the City Engineer, Public Works Coordinator, and treatment plant Operator are involved the equipment selection.  Workshops were held with stakeholders and included vendor presentations to allow the City to select the equipment for the design that will meet their needs and result in easy maintenance for years into the future.


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Mascoutah, Illinois

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Construction is in progress (estimated completion June 2022.)

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