Water System Design

City of Van Buren, Missouri

Horner & Shifrin developed a facility plan to improve the City of Van Buren's drinking water system.


Horner & Shifrin developed a facility plan that reviewed Van Buren’s drinking water system. The City’s system was plagued by low pressure areas, well/wellhouse/controls located below local floodplain elevations, and in need of replacement linework in a variety of areas. The report recommended constructing approximately 3.5 miles of new water lines, new valves, new flush hydrants, two new groundwater source wells with well houses, a new 250,000 gallon elevated water storage tank, and a 60,000 gallon standpipe. The improvements were needed to provide better pressure and flow to the significant changes in relief across the town as well as an appropriate amount of water storage capacity. New water supply wells, complete with well houses and chlorination systems, are required to supply the proposed water storage tanks. With this arrangement, the City will have a back-up power source for its water supply source in an area that is not susceptible to flooding.

Design was completed in 2021 and construction is currently underway.  The completion of the construction will provide the City with many years of drinking water supply, better control, and substantially improved hydraulics.


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Van Buren, Missouri

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