Woodson Terrace Airport Connection

City of Woodson Terrace, Missouri


While with his previous firm, Paul Wojciechowski was the Project Manager and Lead Planner for the development of the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Woodson Terrace, Missouri. The plan provides the direction needed to achieve the vision and goals of the community, including what, where, and how future development will occur in the City. Public input was critical in defining these questions and included meetings with the comprehensive plan steering committee, a public workshop, community surveys, stakeholder interviews, and focus groups discussions.

One of the key challenges of the plan was to create transportation infrastructure that appeals to developers and the real estate industry by providing clear access and strong visibility to the City as well as connectivity between residential, commercial, recreational, and employment centers. The City has taken significant strides since the completion of the plan in 2011 to develop this transportation infrastructure, including a comprehensive I-70 corridor study, development of the Guthrie Shared Use Path, completion of a bike-walk community plan, and additional street infrastructure to support development.

As a follow up project, Paul worked on the zoning code update that established overlay districts and a complete overhaul of the 1974 Zoning Code, which included bicycle parking guidelines. Paul assisted with engagement activities, provided code elements, developed a land use matrix, and reviewed compatibility of the revised code to the Comprehensive Plan.  Paul has also provided site planning and code review services for the City.

Most recently with Horner & Shifrin, Paul has continued work on a key element of the Comprehensive plan in planning and design of the airport connection from Woodson Road and streetscape improvements to Woodson Road.





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