Zumbehl Road Corridor Study

City of St. Charles, Missouri


Horner & Shifrin studied conceptual improvements along Zumbehl Road, an arterial in the City of St. Charles, from Route 94 to Route 370.  The studied area included a mix of commercial, residential, school, and farmland.  Alternatives considered included widening, alignment shifts, continuous green-T’s, new road extensions, multi-use path, and traffic calming measures.
New alignments for an extension of Zumbehl Road to connect to a new interchange at Route 370 were evaluated.  Alignment review considerations included economic development opportunities, wetland impacts, interchange geometrics & spacing, and construction costs.  Coordination with MoDOT and FHWA was required for connection to the Route 370 system.

Additionally, Horner & Shifrin served as the Public Involvement Lead providing the following services:  development of a Public Involvement Plan that provided as a guide for which public involvement tools to implement and when during the study; identified members and development of a community advisory group (CAG); arranged, prepared materials for, and gave presentations for the CAG meetings; prepared summaries of each CAG meeting for the City’s records; held an Alternative Development Workshop with community that involved stakeholders placing comments and colored coded stickers on large aerial maps indicating where they believe crashes occur, an area that is a safety concern, where the congestion exists along the route, where they would like to have a crosswalk and/or a multi-use trail or other pedestrian facilities added.  All of this information was documented and reviewed by the City and H&S for implementation into the alternatives.





St. Charles, Missouri

Year Completed


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